Shahar's Assorted Posts

I love to create things, be it software or in the real world (DIY).


As our oldest daughter was nearing her 4th birthday, my wife and I considered to give her a dollhouse. Very soon after we decided to build her one instead of purchasing.

Free Cloud VM & HTTPS

If your knowledge of what it takes to have an SSL encrypted website (aka https) is as outdated as mine was a couple of weeks ago - you will find this quick post useful. A colleague of mine recently mentioned the fact that you can get SSL certificate for any website for free. I know that issuing certificates was every CA’s business model for ages, and so I was very surprised to learn that.

VIM Pedal

My left arm has the carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s not severe, but it sucks nevertheless. The reason I have it is Vim, and specifically the use of the ESC key on the keyboard. So I created a foot pedal that, when pressed, hits ESC.